Miquel Huguet


Passionate about books since childhood.


One of Huguet’s main passions are incunabulum editions, old books and documents that precede the invention of printing. The majority of these works come from old scrolls disseminated by libraries around the world. Other books were copied over the centuries by monks who were dedicated to recovering classic, Arab and medieval works, artistically illuminated by these monks with illustrations, occasionally gilded or treated with other metals. To satisfy this love for books, and that of others, Miquel Huguet launched La Biblioteca Impossible (The Impossible Library), a publishing company that reproduces documents and manuscripts in facsimile editions, whose current fundamental editions are the books Andorra Aeterna o Cathalonia Aeterna.

Huguet has made a business out of his bibliophilia. Over time, he abandoned his professional activity in the field of 'molecules' to dedicate himself to his 'passion', which are illuminated manuscripts, and documents from before Gutenberg (1454). An inveterate collector, he has a vast and very exclusive collection of illuminated manuscripts.