Miquel Huguet


Businessman, entrepreneur and investor. Professor for the Master's Degree of Psychocreativity at the UAB. Author of the book "Fundraising". Huguet comes from the biotechnology sector, and considers himself a'book nerd'.


Miquel Huguet - Perfil

Miguel Huguet is a businessman, entrepreneur and investor. He worked with companies in the biotechnology sector for 25 years, and was part of the drive to invest in technology-based business projects.

He began his career in pharmaceutical and biomedicine companies. He was the director of Palex (1981), a company offering solutions for the hospital sector; head of marketing at Revlon (1989); director of the OTC division of the Madaus laboratory (1992); board member at the Hospital General de Cataluña (1995); and managing director and CEO of the Milchwerke Westfallen laboratories (1995).

However, over the last five years, Huguet has transferred his experience and knowledge accumulated in technological innovation, and has fully dedicated himself to creating innovative companies in traditional sectors, such as the cultural sector.