Miquel Huguet


A pioneer in venture capital fund management and negotiation since 2003.

Miquel Huguet - Emprendedor


As an investor and entrepreneur, Huguet has been considered a pioneer in capital risk fund management and negotiation since 2003, as well as in Innovation projects in non-technological sectors, and the transfer of knowledge from university to civil society. He is the founder and chairman of the As-Innova innovation association, a business action committee formed of renowned scholars, consultants and businesspersons. The aim of As-Innova is to provide solutions to improve business innovation management in Spain. With As-Innova, Huguet has achieved resources worth more than 5 million euros from public administrations, venture capital funds and private investors, to finance innovative business projects.

In this field, he has founded and become a shareholder in over 10 innovative business projects, including: